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LMSRF Yahoo!Group

LMSRF Yahoo!Group

LMSRF Yahoo!Group
The LMSRF Yahoo!Group page is at:
This is the group participation site for the Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation.  It was set up to foster interest and participation in the sport in the Lake Michigan area, by providing a boat/crew database and a calendar of events, interesting links, as well as a discussion area for anyone to use.  LMSRF established its Yahoo!Group email group service in February 2001.  It is free and safe to use.  It is monitored to ensure posted content is appropriate to our organization and its members.

You may use the group to send an email message to everyone that is subscribed.  Skippers can look for crew.  Crews can look for skippers.  Fleets can seek additional boat owners.  Regattas can be announced.  Seminars can be shared.  If it’s news about something sailing related on Lake Michigan, that’s what this Group is for!  But, wait, there’s more!

To use it you must first register with Yahoo! Browse to On the upper right there is a “Sign In” icon.  Click on this, the following page will display choices to Sign in, or lower, click on "Don't have an account?  Sign Up."  Fill in the boxes and select “Create Account.”  There is some personal information requested when you sign up. This is required so that you are not anonymous when you use their services and so your password can be sent to an alternative email address if you forget it. Your information is not sold or rented to others and is not shared without your expressed permission. 

The page that opens is the main Yahoo! account page for you. You can personalize it in many ways, but to get to the LMSRF Yahoo!Group, at the top in the purple ribbon is "Groups."  Click on “Groups,” then at the top “Search Group” box, enter “Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation” and press “Search Groups.” The LMSRF logo with list information will come as the search return. Click on “Join This Group!”  It is suggested that you choose the Daily Digest option which batches messages together.

1.       Conversations:
Once you are registered, you may send an email to all group members (send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or post your message through the Yahoo!Group message page. You must send your email message from the email address you register to the Yahoo!Group. You will receive any messages sent to the group. Anyone can read the messages whether they are registered to the Yahoo!Group or not.  Be comfortable that this message system is monitored; all postings are screened before being released to the group to keep spam and inappropriate messages out.

2.       Photos: Members may create folders and load photos to share with other members. You are expected to keep your images rated “G.” Photos will be reviewed each December 31 (or if capacity is reached) and appropriately purged.

3.       Files: If you want to share files, like documents, regatta flyers or posters, slide decks, etc., this is the place to save them.  You may load a document to reference in a message.  For access to the full array of libraries, you must be registered with Yahoo!Groups.  This library has been made as open as possible to promote its usage. If there are any complaints, we will shut out non-members to certain parts of the Group (for example, Files).  The files will be reviewed each December 31 and appropriately purged.

4.    More: (dropdown)

> Attachments - Not available.   

> Events - This is a calendar.  Regattas, seminars, clinics, movies, presentations, rallies, any event for Lake Michigan area sailors may be listed here.  It will provide notifications to registered accounts. 

> Links - A wide variety of folders of links of interest to sailors and racers. 

For your protection: This facility has been made as open as possible to promote usage. If there are any complaints, we can shut out non-members to certain parts of the site (e.g., Files). Any inappropriate postings or misuse will not be tolerated and will result in the user being banned, and the messages, etc. being deleted. We don't anticipate having to exercise this, but wanted to say it for the comfort of legitimate users.

If you have any questions, please contact Daragh Fitzpatrick at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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