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Adult Learn to Crew on Sailboats Schools Around Lake Michigan
Amazingly there are lots of sailboats all around Lake Michigan looking for crew.   There are programs to teach the basics and sailing language in a classroom and then match you up with a volunteer who will take you out on their boat and let you practice what you learned in class.  They call these Crew Schools.  These programs typically are held annually in the Spring season.  At the conclusion of the programs, graduation night offers the students an event to meet sailboat owners looking for regular crew.  Some owners may be day sailors, others cruisers going to harbors around the Lake, and others may be racing sailboaters.

Between taking the lessons and buying some sailing clothes (deck shoes, PFD, rain gear and gloves), you’ll be sailing for far less than $1,000 a year.  By this, the first myth is destroyed: sailing is not overly expensive.  Sailing is open to everyone: the second myth is destroyed; sailing is not exclusive,  

Where can you attend an Adult Crew School?  Explore these:

Kudos to Glenn McCarthy who created v.1 of Adult Crew Schools in 2013 through his blog on Chicago Now: Adult Crew Schools.

City School Program Name URL
Chicago Broad Reach Sailing Close Reach Sailing Club
Chicago CCYC Adult Sailing School CCYC's Crew School
Chicago Chicago Sailing Introduction to Sailing
Chicago Chicago Yacht Club Crew U
Chicago Columbia Yacht Club Skipjacks
Chicago Jackson Park Yacht Club Sailing University
Chicago 3rd Coast Cruising New Sailor

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