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2014 Newsletters

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December 2014
Commodore Julius Takes Helm, Hall of Fame Induction, Member Benefits, Endowment Fund Annual Appeal, It All Began in 1955, LMSRF Area III Boater's Bash, Do You Cheat When Racing?, Making Sailing "Push Button", Participation as Part of the Equation, LMSRF Area III Boat of the Year, McCarthy Sabbatical, LMSRF Annual Meeting, 2014 Appeals Committee Report, Strictly Sail Admission Discount, Last Call-Hall of Fame Nominations, Promote One-Designs at Strictly Sail, LMSRF Area III Yachtsperson of Year, Grants In Aid Reports, Open Houses, Cool Things, Grants In Aid Committee Report, Sail Chicago Grows 14 New Skippers, What is LMSRF and How Does It Work, Banner Year at CMRC, Congressional Cup In Alpari Tour, Priorities Goes Down River, Great Lakes Ice Forming, Sailing Leads Goggins to Harken, Aquatic Invader List Grows, Reefpoint Marina Gets Award, Polk Brothers Gift to Navy Pier, Ethanol Blending Rate Delayed, Louie's Last Needs Help, Sailing Education, US Sailing News, Letters to the Editor, Heard on the Rail, What Happened, About Lake Michigan SuRF

November 2014
Hall of Fame Induction, Best on the Lake, LMSRF Annual Meeting Agenda, Hall of Fame Nominations Sought, Press Releases?, Women Bruising, Fun Action Videos Sought, Thank You Competitors, Nominating Committee Report, Olympic Sewage Journey, So Long, Farewell, Why Can't We Get/Keep Crew?, Lake Michigan Maritime Museums, Wind at Your Back, Thank You Volunteers & Employees, Epic Racing Wrap Up, Coast Guard Regs Update, Cool Things, Corinthians Win V-15 Nationals, Trejo Morgan at J/24 Worlds, Lake Level Rising – Record?, Grants-In-Aid Reports, Open Houses, Chicago Riverwalk Progressing, Boaters' Bash Invitation, Member Benefits, Louie's Thank You Party, Oakcliff New Programming, Hirsch Wins Photography Award, Sail Chicago Growth, Thompson New LTS Director, Skyway Yacht Works Expands, Safety on the Water, Missing Sailor Recovered, Judd Goldman Adaptive Update, New Grand Prix Invitational, ISAF Sailors of the Year, 2015 ISAF Team Race, Survey: Future of Offshore, Wisco High School Advanced Clinic, Letters to the Editor, Heard on the Rail, Donation Sought, US Sailor of Year Nominations, US Sailing News, CYA Sailing Celebration, What Happened, About Lake Michigan SuRF

October 2014
Commodore Call to Change Rio Venue, Rush to the Rack!, LMSRF Annual Meeting, North Shore YC Saved, Chicago Regatta Donates $30,000, Jimmy McGillicuddy, 3 Crib Fiasco a Success, Yacht Clubs as Community Asset?, Pick Up the Phone, Best Regatta in Three Decades, 'Barney Fife" We Are, Your Club's Archive, Life Jacket Type Code Labels, World Blind Match Race, 2014 St. Joseph Racing, Sanctioned Event-What Is It?, Ratliff Steps Down, Leadership Forum-Part VII, Cool Things, Help Us Reconnect, Chicago Lock Restriction, Quantum® Freshwater Cup, Chicago Bridge Lift Schedule, "Boater's Guide" Offered, A Club Planning to Grow, Grow Your Instruction Program, Eagle Wins Volleyball, Ocean Honors 9/11 Heroes, Mackinac Island Rescue Boat, Open Houses, 2015 Strictly Sail Chicago Changes, Winter Sailing – Hard Water, Nite Iceboat News, 2015 Summer Sailstice, Old Racers Never Really Die, Member Benefits, Camarda Joins UK Sailmakers, Richardson Cup Cancelled, Sailor Missing, Macatawa Bay Junior Olympic Fest, National Sailing Hall Inducts Eight, Grants for Adaptive Sailing, Adaptive Sailing Update, Please Support LMSRF, Boater's Bash!, US Sailing News, Letters to the Editor, Great Pumpkin Regatta, What Happened, About Lake Michigan SuRF

September 2014
How Bad Are We at Marketing?, 2014 Fall Frostbite Racing, Start Team Racing Today, How To Start Offshore Racing, Lamphere Wins Youth Championship, Wilson Takes Tartan Ten NA's, What Are Other Regions Doing, 3 Crib Fiasco/1st Beneteau Cup, New Lightning Fleet, Fun Factor-Learn from Ourselves?, LMPHRF & Mono- and Multi-Hulls, New-Chicago Regatta, Regatta Network vs Yacht Scoring, It's Not Your Job, 2014 North America Challenge Cup, Cool Things, 2014 PHRFection Races, Louie's 16th Last, Weiss Takes Buccaneer NA's, Hope Story Details Mackinac Ride, GIA Recipient Reports, Blacklock Stepping Down, VanderLeek Hospice Cup Success, Heard on the Rail, Mark Your Calendars, Fall College Sailing Season, Fall High School Sailing Season, Sailor Education, US Sailing News, Montrose Possible Redesign, Member Benefits, Letters to the Editor, Donations Sought, What Happened.

August 2014
20,000 Foot View, Gold for Epic Racing, PHRFection Port-to-Port, Chicago Regatta Almost Here, Yachter of Year Nominations Open, Boat Names on Tri-State T-Shirts, Tri-State Volleyball Challenge, Tri-State Regatta Party, The Responsibility We Hold –Part IV, Not Winning the Mackinac, What Are Other RSAs Doing, Loyola Grad on WUG Winning Squad, MCSA Sailors Make All Academic, Sheboygan Youth in Parade, Sheboygan Youth Sailing Club 25th, Cool Things, 2014 Queen's Cup, 2014 Tripp Cup, 2014 Inshore Calendar Updates, 2014 Chicago-Mackinac Race, 2014 National Hall Inductees, Chicago Match Race Center New Staff, US Sailing Leadership Forum-Part VI, 2014 Kaszube Cup, Breakwater Chicago Proposed, Scouts Sail with Winthrop Harbor, Heard on the Rail, Mark Your Calendars, US Sailing News, Letters to the Editor, For Sale, What Happened.

July 2014
By George, They Got It! , Teaching Publicity, Chicago-Mackinac Time, St Joseph Rhumbline Regatta, MCSA to Host 2017 College Nationals , Corinthian Crew School Success, MORF Long Distance Series, Chicago Lakefront Events Listing, Cool Things, South Shore earns Clean Marina, New Benton Harbor Hotel, 2014 Colors Regatta, 2014 Summer Sailstice, Manufacturer's Events, The Chicago Regatta, How to View Area III Results, 2017 America's Cup in Chicago?, Shattered Glass, Fire Fighting Logic, Doing the Minimum?, Playgrounds, US Sailing & PHRF Support, Disney vs Yacht Club Experience, The Responsibility We Hold Pt 3, What Other Regions Are Doing, US Sailing Leadership Forum-Part V, You Can Do Cool Things, Port Huron-Mac Considerations, 4th Leukemia Cup Poker Run, Ruddle Releases Novel, Two Lake Michigan Rescues, White Lake Cleanup Nearly Done, Chicago Harbors at 25% Vacancy, Radio Check, Jeanneau Rendezvous, Gran Fondo Skin Cancer Fundraiser, VanderLeek Hospice Cup, 2014 College Sailing Honors, Sailor Education, Heard on the Rail, Mark Your Calendars, Bodacious Dream is HOME!, Youth Area K Bemis/Smythe Links, 2015 US Youth Championship Update, US Sailing News, Dos and Don'ts of Filing an Appeal, Macatawa Bay Grand Re-Opening, Letters to the Editor, What Happened.

June 2014
New! Member Benefits, BOLM Deadline Extended, Sailors are Stupid, RC Treats That Way, Regatta Slogans on Swag, Catalina 25/250/Capri 25 Nationals, Sailboat Thefts, Reaching all Audiences with Web Site, Boat Name Changing Ceremony, Growing Sailing: 4 Club Stories, Just Say No!,
What's Next? Serious Question, USCG Seeks Your Input, Try Sailing Blog – 1 Year Anniversary, Responsibility We Hold – Pt. 2, What Are Other RSA's Doing?, Serious Talk with Crew, New Weather Buoy-South Haven, Sail Chicago/Schuler Scholars, S.S. Badger Upgrades, Sails, Lightning Boat Grant Program, Jackson Park Club Reopening, US Sailing Junior Champs Qualifiers, 2014 LMSRF Youth Championship, 2014 Kaszube Cup, Adaptive Sailing Chair Profile, SEAS Community Boating Program, 100 Miler Party Entertainment, 2014 Joey Shepro Date, S/V Hope "Final Launch Party," Judd Goldman Independence Gala, Chicago's Lake Shore Drive Update, Chicago Riverwalk Project, Saugatuck Yacht Club Grand Opening, Chicago Corinthian Improvements, Burnham Park Upgrades, Michigan City Yacht Club Growth Plan, TACS 20th Anniversary, Club Open Houses, Straits Shipwreck Museum to Open, Venetian Night a Lake Michigan thing, Louie's Launch Party, Epic Racing Update, 2014 Island Goats Inductions, Ephraim Hosting Team Race Clinic, Chicago Laser Clinic, Lake Michigan Deadly Cold, US Sailing Leadership Forum, Part IV, 10 Things About Columbia Yacht Club, Empirical Handicapping & LM-PHRF, SEAS Outreach, US Sailing Regional Symposium, Electric Shock Drowning is Real, Oconomowoc Lake Club Kudos, Trail Creek Marina Improvements, Sailor Education, Heard on the Rail, Bodacious Dream Update, Mark Your Calendars, US Sailing News, Letters to the Editor, What Happened, About Lake Michigan SuRF

May 2014
2014 Hall of Fame Class, Getting Sailing on TV, Web Woes and a First, Canfield Wins Congressional Cup, Two Boat Prep Stories, Sandoval to Recreational Boating, Boat Christening, National Maritime Day, U.S. Teams at EDHEC Sailing Cup, The Responsibility We Hold, Sailing World Is a Changin', What Are Other Regions Doing?, 2014 CYC Advanced Optimist Clinic, 2014 Dredging Report, Hudson Part of Odyssey Racing, Sail America Annual Report, Chicago Bridge Lift Season Start, 2014 Leadership   Forum – Part III, Lamphere Wins Finn Nationals, Master Mariners Fêted, Open Houses, Race Committee 101, Ice Is Out at Racine, LMSRF Financial Chair Profile, Marine Rummage Sale-Kenosha, Kehoe new CYC On-Water Director, Larrabee New Macatawa Bay Director, Biewenga Weather Seminar Held, Louie's Last 5th Launch,   2014 Richardson & GLI dates, Arnold Line Reorganization, Jobson Celebrating Sailing, Heard on the Rail, Columbia Beer Can College, 2014 Safe Boating Week, 2014 ORR Regional Series, Sailor Education, Grants-In-Aid Reports, Letters to the Editor, Chicago Gains Maritime High School, Mark Your Calendars, US Sailing News, What Happened, About Lake Michigan SuRF

April 2014
Running a Charity Regatta, WII-FM, LMSRF Adaptive Sailing Update, 2014 Best on Lake Michigan, Youth Learning to Sail, Beach Clean Ups, Man Overboard in Cold Water, Where Do Your Dues Go?, S.S. Badger, Building the Mighty Mac, Mackinac Racers Who'da Thunk This Could This Happen?, Hiking to North Manitou Light, New Board Members, Frostbiting News, Free PDF Nautical Charts, US Sailing Forum-Part II, New Acronyms-STEM & REACH, North Sails Sold, Beneteau 36.7 Winter Beer Can, 2014 Hook Race, Area II Vice Commodore Profile, Yacht Clubs-File Private Aid to Navigation Application, Yacht Clubs-File Marine Event Permit, Londrigan Named to Springfield Hall of Fame, Start Your Season in Waukegan, Get Summer Sailstice Event Listed, John Simons Bids Adieu, Saugatuck Yacht Club 80th, Inshore One-Designs—Get Listed, Crew Skipper Races, Sail Chicago Colgate 26 Racing, Neill Advanced Clinic Date, Crew Search Party, Fun Alert!, Safety Briefing, Moore Scholarship Fundraiser, Fox Fundraiser & Bone Marrow Event, 2013 ORR Great Lakes Championship, 2014 Open Houses, 2014 GLSS Calendar, Fly to Mackinac, J/105 Fleet Meeting, LMSRF Boat Donation Program, Milwaukee SS-SSS Fleet Meeting, Bayshore Offshore Fleet Meeting, Dredging Updates, 2014 Chicago Regatta Fundraiser, Sailor Education, Yacht Clubs Gain, Heard on the Rail, Bodacious Dream-Day 176, Boat Buddys, Inshore Regatta Schedule, Mark Your Calendars, CMRC 2014 Program, Canfield Named Tour Card Skipper, US Sailing Changes O'Day & Hanley, US Sailing Regional Symposium, US Sailing News, Letters to the Editor, What Happened, About Lake Michigan SuRF

March 2014
Spring Sheboygan Symposium, Helm Hogs, 2014 Best on Lake Michigan, Internet Woes, Sailing Schools - It's Late, It's Frostbite Season, What's a Pursuit Race?, US Sailing Forum Reflections, African-American Chicago Sailors, Climbing the Mackinac Bridge, Walk the Mackinac Bridge, Story of C&C Yachts Founders, Sailing Demands Equal Media Time, New Chicago Harbor Safety Committee, Charter Boat Sought for Chi-Mac, Funny Thing Happened, Please Take This Survey, Have Boat - Will Travel, International Yacht Club Challenge, Yahoo!Group Updates, CREW HOTLINE-Sign Up Today!, One-Design Fleets-Get Listed, Sarai's Passage, 2015 Pan American Games US Trials, 2014 Chiditarod Race, 2014 MCSC Spring Splash, 2014 LAUNCH Fundraiser, 2014 Crew Search Party, Hoofer 75th Anniversary, Burnham Park Open Houses, Adaptive Sailing Chair Profile, Picturesque Time-Lapse Video, Our Clubs Going to Invitational Cup, NSHOF Nominations Open, Chicago Match Cup – Alpari Tour, Summer Sailstice –Share Your Plans, Dredging Updates, End of Paper Charts?, North U. Offers LMSRF Discount, Sailor Education, CCYC Crew School, Heard on the Rail, Grants-In-Aid Reports, Mark Your Calendars, Louie's Last, US Sailing News, Letters to the Editor, Sailing Instructors – Find, Classifieds, Results

February 2014
Should Youth Programs be Focused on Faster Higher Stronger?, The Revolution is Underway - What's Your Part?, Skyway Announceds Two New Events in 2014, 2014 LMSRF Youth Racing Scheduled at Strictly Sail Chicago, Sailing School Roundtable at Strictly Sail Chicago, Chicago Park District After School Matters Sailing Program, LMSRF's Adaptive Sailing Committee's First Meeting, LMSRF Grant in Aid Funding in 2014, Putting Sailing Videos Online with Text Crawls, Visit with an Aussie, When You Buy a New or Used Boat, 2014 Strictly Sail Chicago Report, LMSRF Inshore One-Design Regatta Schedule being Compiled, Hey You!! Yeah - You!, Free Promotion of 2014 Races and Regattas in Lake Michigan SuRF, Will 2014 Be the Year for Change?, No Way Communications, Vayu 2 Wins at Key West Race Week - J/80 Midwinter Championship, Lake Michigan Singlehanded Society Race Dates Set, Endowment Fundraiser Update, 2013 MCSA All Conference Team, Skyway Yacht Works Launches New Mobile Interface, Judd Goldman Adaptive Sailing Program, Ice Boating on Lake Geneva Off to Slow Start, Sailing Education Association of Sheybogan Founded, Third Annual Scoop the Lake Event Announced, What's Your Club Doing for 2014 Summer Sailstice?, Neenah-Nodaway Yacht Club to Host Invitational Regatta + Jobson Feature, 2014 Port of PHRF Schedule Released, Columbia Yacht Club Remodeling for 2014 Season, Chicago Yacht Club to Host High Level Optimist Dinghy Clinic, 2014 Midwest Inter-Scholastic Sailing Association Spring Schedule, 2014 LMSRF Youth Regatta Schedule, 2014 College of Charleston Advanced Racing Clinics, North U. Trim and Tactics Seminar Coming to Sheboygan, Heard on the Rail - New Boats - Births - Deaths, LMSRF Grants-In-Aid Recipient Reports, Calendar, Midwest Women's Sailing Conference, US Sailing Regional Symposium, Brian Porter and Jody Swanson Rolex Yachtspersons of the Year, 2014 Kite Fleet Racing Chamionship Rules Published, Q&A Kineboarding Tangles and Redress Has Been Updated, 2014 youth match Racing Opportunities in the U.S., US Sailing Determines Selection Process for 2014 ISAF Youth Match Racing World Championship, US Sailing Calendar, Letters to the Editor, Help Wanted, Race Results.

January 2014
LMSRF at Strictly Sail Chicago, Free SSC Premium Deadline Extended, Strictly Sail Chicago, John Ardnt Founder of Summer Sailstice at Strictly Sail, Sunfish Class Live at Strictly Sail, LMSRF Soiree or Traveling Roadshow?, 2014 Inshore One-Design Regatta Schedule Being Compiled, Free Promotion of 2014 Races and Regattas in LMSuRF, Lloyd Karzen 2013 CYA Yachtsperson of the Year - Sail, Jane McMillan 2013 CYA Yachtsperson of the Year - Power, Strouf Named Kenosha's Yachtsman of the Year, Taylor Canfield Named Virgin Islands Sailor of the Year, Michael "Rorke" Miller is 2013 Old Pulteney Maritime Hero, Charles Koules 2013 CYA Sea Scout of the Year, Springfield IL in the Land of Good Intentions Poses Potential Nightmare for Sailing, LMSRF Area I Vice Commodore John Peterson Profile, Winter Sailing Opportunities, 2014 North U Seminars, Lake Michigan Ice Boulders Name A "Most Amazing Earth Image, Who All Received the $20,000+ in Grants from LMSRF in 2013?, Wilson and Roble Begin 2014 as Number One U.S. Match Racers, T-10 Weather Knowledge Seminar, College Sailing Rankings, 2014 Handicap Racing on Lake Michigan, Neenah Nodaway Yacht Club Celebrating 150th Anniversary in 2014, 2014 Chicago Maritime Festival, Future USS Milwaukee Christened and Launched, Chicago Sailing Offers Seminars, Saugatuck Yacht Club Building New Club House and Adding Pool, Macatawa Bay Yacht Club Building New Club House, Club Profile: Milwaukee Community Sailing Center, Kids Afloat PFD Program, Lake Forest Spooktacular Regatta, North U Youth match Racing Clinic and Regatta, 2014 ISAF Youth Match Racing World Championship, Women's Sports Foundation Funds Epic Racing Team, 2014 Midwest Women's Sailing Conference, 2014 Scoop the Lake Regatta and Poker Run, Join in LMSRF's Participation in 2014 Summer Sailstice, Moth Class Hosting Regatta in Muskegon in 2014, Pinnacle Foundation Launches New Benefit Regatta Featuring a Rocking Party, Bart's Bash - World's Largest Regatta, One Ton Cup Revisited Planned for February/March 2015, Breads and Circuses, The Rut, Bodacious Dream Expeditions - Day 96 Surfing Along Latitude 40, New DNR Video Provides Tips for Identifying Juvenile Asian Carp, Great Lakes Dredging Funding Close to Being Assured, Sheboygan Youth Sailing Club Fundraiser Huge Success!, Events Calendar, Heard on the Rail - New Boats, Births, Deaths, Review of US Sailing President's Blog, US Youth Championships Adopt Early Acceptance Process, USA Releases Selection Procedures for 2014 Youth Olympic Games, Events Calendar, Letters to the Editor, Grant Letter, Race Results.

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