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Grants Requirements

Grants-In-Aid Requirements

Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation is proud to offer its Grants-in-Aid program to its Members. 

Through the generosity of member donors the Lake Michigan Sail Racing Foundation generates income that we distribute in Grants to our members. No member dues are part of funding the Grants-in-Aid program.  It is funded by the Lake Michigan Sail Racing Foundation. The purpose of Grants-In-Aid program is to allow Lake Michigan racers to keep up with the latest developments in the sport of sailing. By traveling away to events, sailors learn the latest, then bring that knowledge base back to our.lake.  By becoming certified instructors, we develop more sailors and eventual racers.  By hosting major events, we bring high skilled sailors to our lake, giving our competitors exposure to elite competition. 

What sorts of Grants have been awarded?  Funding for:

  • Sailing Instructors to become certified.
  • Youth, individuals or teams to travel to “away” championships.
  • A Coach to provide a clinic for Youth events.
  • Member Clubs hosting a national, continental or world championship.
  • Try us on other ideas!

In return for a grant, grantees are to write a short two to three paragraph article within two weeks of the events' conclusion describing what they learned to share that new knowledge base with our fellow sailors on the Lake to be included in the LMSRF e-newsmagazine, Lake Michigan SuRF. A photo or two of grantees at the event is desired.  Email the article to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Membership Requirement

Grants are a benefit of LMSRF membership! Grant applicants, whether an Individual, Skipper with Boat Crew Team, Yacht Club, Sailing School, or Sailing Organization must be current year Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation Members in order to be considered for a grant.  The complete boat crew team members shall be Individual Members, just to be clear. Use Join link above. The Grants-in-Aid Chair confirms membership status before the Committee evaluates applications.

Grants for Instructor Scholarships

Reimbursement may include registration fees, and possibly travel, housing, and meals for those attending US Sailing Instructor Training or Clinic programs.   Applications must be submitted in writing prior to commencing or attending any recognized program.  This includes the on-line learning segment of US Sailing Instructor Training; applications must be submitted before any training is started. The club/organization and candidate shall both be current year Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation Members in order to be considered for a training grant. Use Join button above for yacht club/sailing organization and individual membership. 

Preference will be given to those persons who have no other source of financial assistance (funding from their club, other foundations, etc). If approved, payment will made upon applicant’s completion of the program which is evidenced by the candidate reporting completion and submitting their written report.

Administration of the Program

Please use the Grants-in-Aid Application form (click link in right column navigation) for all submissions. Please download the current application form version for each submission. Please provide an actual document attachment to your email submission, either as a Word attachment or a .pdf of the Word document. No images accepted. Do not use Google docs, Pages, or other program.

Applications must be submitted in writing
before starting any training (including on line) or prior to the date of any event for which a grant is being sought. 

The Grants-In-Aid Committee will review all applications for grants, scholarships and training. The amount of funding granted will be based upon the Committee’s analysis of the qualifications of the applicant and upon monies available in any given year for distribution through the program.  

A written response will be made to each request upon completion of the Committee’s consideration. 

All submission requirements must be met within three weeks of original application submission or it shall be declared automatically invalid.

An annual report of all grants (grantee, amount requested, amount granted) shall be made to the Board of Directors at the first Board Meeting of the calendar year.

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