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Adult Sailing Schools Around Lake Michigan
You can learn to sail and at no, low, or reasonable cost!  Whatever your goal, through sailing schools and programs around Lake Michigan, you can build enough skill to sail or race any sailboat anywhere. Our list includes a wide variety of programs. Some learn to sail programs are organized through yacht clubs, some through municipalities, some are private.  Some just teach classes, some offer a sailboat timeshare, membership, charters, rentals or other programs to keep you sailing.

Kudos to Glenn McCarthy who created v.1 of Learn to Sail in his blog on Chicago Now in 2014:  Adult Sailing Schools.

Key:  ASA:  American Sailing Association; GLP:  Great Lakes Pilot; USCG:  United States Coast Guard;
USN:  United States Navy; USSA:  United States Sailing Association

City School (clickable link) firstsail adultlessons privatelessons certifiedby timeshare rentals charters adaptive
Arlington Heights Arlington Heights Park District              
Chicago Aegir Expeditions   USCG      
Chicago Broad Reach Sailing USCG
Chicago Burnham Park Yacht Club Sailing School              
Chicago Corinthian University
firstsail USSA
Chicago Chicago Park District   USSA
Chicago Chicago Yacht Club firstsail   USSA
Chicago Columbia Yacht Club firstsail USSA
Chicago Fairwind Sail ASA
Chicago Jackson Park Yacht Club firstsail USSA
Chicago Judd Goldman Adaptive Sailing USSA
Chicago Pinnacle Yachts     USCG    
Chicago Sail Chicago   USSA
Chicago Sail Time ASA
Chicago Seabreeze Charter ASA
Chicago 3rd Coast Cruising   ASA
Chicago Two Brothers Sailing Adventures

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