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Fun Times

To Break Down the Age Barriers that have been set up in the sport, we need to have young sailors get onboard adult sailing boats.  Additionally, traditionally the adults socialize and celebrate sailing afterwards with some adult beverages.  This activity is another exclusionary step for the young sailors.  How is this fixed?  We provide something for the under 21 group!

Read the article "What Do the Ingredients of Beer and Segregation Have to do with Sailing?

Each boat in the fleet takes a day where they are in charge of hosting a Fun Times for the under 21 age crowd.  You might even enlist those who are teetotalers that may wish to get away from the adult beverages.  Here's a list of things to do with the young sailors, budget 1-1/2 hours for each day.  Note - do not offer electronic games, you'll find that they get enough of that already!

If you build it, they will come.............

Croquet Dancing Contest
Singing Contest Limbo Contest
Talent Contest Water Balloon Toss
Battle of the Bands Egg Toss
Bobbing for Apples Beach Dodge-ball
Bike Rally Chute Flying
Kite Flying Local Beach Clean-Up
Jump Rope Local Community Clean-Up
Hop Scotch Harbor Bottom Clean-Up
Water Balloon Fights Rain Gutter Regatta
Stilts Kazoo Band or Contest
Tug of War Kick the Can
Squirt Gun Fights Soccer
Sandcastle Contest Touch Football
Funnelator Hitting Inanimate Objects in Harbor 5K or 10K Run
Joke Telling Contest Themed Costume Party - Pirates, Ball Players, You Name It 
Club Gardening Smelt Fishing, Frying Eating
Tether-ball Fishing Contest
Ride Crappy Bikes off the Pier Ultimate Frisbee
Raft Up Party  Board Games 
Drive Golf Balls into Empty Dinghy Golf Long Shot
DIY BBQ Swing Kids Off Boom Into Water / Boom Diving
Swimming Contest Halyard Swinging into Water 
Who'se Got the Chicken? Find the Rat
Rowing Contest Hide and Seek, Using Boats Too
Bunco Bad Pants Day
Bad Hat Day Tiddlywinks Contest
Campfires on the Beach King of the Hill
Body Surfing Dancing Lessons
Horse (Basketball)  Cribbage
Uker Bridge
Chess Water Skiing
Hiking Boccie Ball
Get a Bunch of Lasers, Drop 2 Marks in the Harbor and Have Once Around Triangle Races with Bow, then Grinders, then Mast Crew, then the Kids in Age Brackets.  Then Award a Team Prize. Board Games 
Bottle Rockets Kite Flying
Paper Airplane Contest Card Games
Bags (Cornhole) Shuffleboard
King of the Mountain Body Surfing
Line Dancing Lessons Bridge
Radio Control Sail or Power Boats Bilge Pump Battles
Commando Course Make Attending the Party Part of the Regatta Score
Jacks Marbles
Pitching Pennies Water Tubing
Yo-Yo  Slip & Slide
Bring the Cool Cars For A Show Bring the Family Pets For A Show

Remove all of the furniture in the club, bring in a professional carnival (We've seen it done).
Bring in a strong dance band that gets all ages up on the floor all night.
Bring in an exotic animal handler to discuss, display and let people hold and pet them.
Another way to look at this is that Sailing is in competition with everthing else in the world.  Put a smile on everyone's face at the end of the day with any one of these fun times, then send them home.  They become your ambassadors to bring more people back with them next week.

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