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LMSRF Youth Council

The Youth Council is guided by a Chair.  Click on Contact Us above to acquire the individual's contact information. 

Individual members of LMSRF whose area of interest is Youth sailing are encouraged to select the Youth Council when they join or renew their LMSRF membership.

The Youth Council assists individual clubs and regional groups to coordinate youth regattas, training symposiums and regatta clinics.  It helps map the season's youth schedule on the lake and helps Sailing Schools with their needs. 

The Youth Council sponsors the annual LMSRF Youth Championship Regatta.   The venue of this event changes from year to year to provide the young sailors of Lake Michigan an opportunity to test their skills against others by sailing at a variety of yacht clubs around the lake.

Youth racing is alive and well throughout Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation. Although most events are run through clubs, one does not need to be a club member to participate. Most events are open and/or require a membership in your local RSA (Regional Sailing Association, like LMSRF). Although many events are bring your own boat, some may have boats available to borrow or have made arrangements for charter boats.


While some sailors have a coach or family support boat, don't be intimidated about not having one. Many of the events provide spectator boats or will help supporters meet other parents and coaches where they can hitch a ride out on the water. After meeting people who have their own support boats, the next events are easy to coordinate with your new friends.

Just remember, as you meet new people, regardless of how well you or your child does in the event, make sure you ask questions of the top teams and coaches to learn more. One of the great attributes of our sport is that fellow competitors and families want to help other competitors out so they improve. Meet as many people as you can, make friends, and help out them out when they come to events in your area.

If you are new to traveling to events, remember to start small.  Head to a local venue, make some connections, and then expand with some help with your new friends.

Before you know it, you will be heading to Florida with the whole family to race in winter and meet up with your sailing friends in new and warmer climates.  You'll realize then that the sport is not just about racing but about the relationships you make with the people you sail with.

Youth membership in LMSRF is affordable and these sailors are added to the Youth Council unless they specify another council.  Adults are encouraged to become LMSRF members to gain a voice in planning; non-boat owners or those with boats <6 meters (a little over 18 feet) may elect the very affordable Associate membership.  Click on Join above and choose whether to print and mail a form (costs our organization less) or utilize the quick e-payment portal (so you get it done).  To learn more about LMSRF and what is gained by being an individual member, click on About above.  We look forward to your participation.

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