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Hall of Fame Requirements

Hall of Fame Requirements

Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation member yacht clubs and sailing organizations are privileged to nominate any living or deceased individual whom they feel should be recognized and elected to the Lake Michigan Sailing Hall of Fame.

This vehicle is to honor those individuals who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of sail racing, were leaders and innovators in our sport, and deserve permanent recognition in Lake Michigan sailing history.

LMSRF member yacht club and sailing organization Board of Directors may nominate one or more individuals whom they feel would be worthy of this honor.  Nominees should be or have been very active in sail racing on Lake Michigan, free of controversy and rating discrepancies, lifelong contributors to the sport, have displayed good sportsmanship whether winning or losing, and have the respect of his or her peers.

Nominations may be made annually, with a closing date of December 31st each year. Nomination forms shall be distributed to yacht clubs and sailing organizations in the Lake Michigan area annually.  A nominating club or organization shall be a member in both the nominating and awarding year.  A nominee remains on the nomination list for five years, so that if not selected in the year of nomination, election may occur in later years.

A secret committee of five knowledgeable individuals who have considerable sailing experience on Lake Michigan will review the nominations and make their selection.  The committee member’s names are held in secret, known only to the Chair of the Committee and the Commodore.  This is done to remove any political pressure from Committee members. The Committee can elect any number of the nominees or none if they see fit.   Members of the Committee are not known to one another to prevent electioneering.

Announcement of the elected persons will be made annually by March 31st.

Induction into the Lake Michigan Sailing Hall of Fame will be made at a function honoring the selectees on a date after April 15th (after tax date and before shipyard chores begin).  The selectees will be expected to speak or, if not available, a family member shall be sought to speak in their behalf. 

Inductees will be featured in the Lake Michigan SuRF newsletter. 

Inductees will be permanently honored in the Lake Michigan Sailing Hall of Fame section of the LMSRF web site. Click here to view Inductees.

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