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Hall of Fame 2013, Lynn Williams

LynnWilliams LMSHoF

Lynn Williams, born January 6, 1909, had no realization of the impact he would have on the sport of sail racing. Williams graduated from Yale University in Spring 1929, then went to Harvard University and acquired in law degree in 1931. Feeling the want of more understanding of mechanics, he went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, receiving a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1932. While drinking in all this education and knowledge, he spent time cruising in his father's motor yacht in the northern Great Lakes. Williams' father built and owned the Alden schooner Elizabeth in 1928, which began his development in the sport of sailing.

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Hall of Fame 2013, Jack Kelley


If you wanted an individual to plan and execute a sailing event, you turned to Jack Kelley. He had some limited cruising experience, when, in 1971, he bought his first sailboat, an Alberg Typhoon keelboat. He later bought a Pearson Triton and ventured into offshore racing – sailing the Triton in the 1981 William Tripp Memorial Race, now known as the Tripp Cup. His earlier training was demonstrated as he won his division and placed 2nd overall in this major East Coast of Lake Michigan event which went from Muskegon, MI, to Milwaukee, WI.

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Hall of Fame 2012, David W. Howell



A young lady walked into the Chicago Yacht Club Belmont Station one day in the early 1980s, recently after the man had suffered a massive stroke.  She was astounded at how people were reacting and the concern about the recovery of this man she had heard so much about.  The respect and love that was exhibited by his competitors was overwhelming.  She was taken aback by the esteem that his peers held him in—this man embraced his sport and was well respected by all his peers.  It was only after learning of his amazing accomplishments and contributions to the sport of sailing that she finally understood why. 

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Hall of Fame 2012, John Nedeau, Sr.


John was born into a family which had extensive experience with the waters of Lake Michigan.  His father, Harvey, had been a commercial fisherman for many years on the lake before changing his life to become a real estate broker in Muskegon.  Harvey, winner of many events himself, owned a series of boats named Romahajo on which John crewed until Harvey passed away.  It was then that John began skippering his own boats.  John was recognized early in his life that he knew what he was doing on a sailboat.  Wally Stenhouse, owner of Aura, had John crew with him during Wally’s campaign to win the World Ocean Racing Championship and Chuck Kirsch, owner of Scaramouche, had John aboard when Chuck won the Southern Ocean Racing Circuit, these adventures occurring in the 60’s.

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Hall of Fame 2012, Malcolm D. Vail, Sr.

Malcolm was born in 1888 and passed away in 1976, however his presence is still felt here at Ephraim Yacht Club.  His efforts, training and influence on sailors is well known to the current membership of EYC.  A bit of history:  He was a founding member of Ephraim Yacht Club in 1906 along with his father and two brothers.  He became Secretary and Fleet Captain in 1910 and was Commodore of the club the first time in 1936.

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Hall of Fame 2011, Peter W. Reichelsdorfer


Peter W. Reichelsdorfer

Born on December 15, 1934, Peter displayed a glow that was served by his short term in nuclear engineering and the Space Shuttle program. His high speed early career propelled him further in his sailing career.  Peter was fortunate in that he started his sailing career at age 15 on Lightnings and was asked by Roman Brotz to join the sailing team on Sabre, the 87’ M class yacht converted from a sloop to a yawl for its Great Lakes sailing years.  He was recognized early on as a specialist who understood what made sailboats go fast.

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Hall of Fame 2010, Terry J. Kohler

Terry was born on May 14, 1934, not knowing that his life was to impact so many people and the sport of sailing so heavily.  He started sailing at age five and continued annually into his teens when he was fortunate to be asked by Roman Brotz, owner of the 87’ M class sailboat Sabre, to join his crew.   Roman installed in his crew seamanship, Corinthian ethics and racing skills.  Terry learned them all and never left any of them behind.

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