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Hall of Fame 2016, Helen "Cookie" Mueller and John Archibald


Helen “Cookie” Mueller and John Archibald are an amazing couple who have increased sailing and sail racing on Lake Michigan for over 30 years.

Upon their arrival in Milwaukee for John’s employment, they both joined South Shore Yacht Club at different times to continue their enjoyment of sailing on Lake Michigan.   John volunteered to help the race committee and Cookie became involved in the South Shore Yacht Club Junior program.

John and Cookie co-own a cruising sailboat, Tardis, a Cal 43. They race it often in Milwaukee area offshore races.

John’s contributions include writing Notice of Races, Sailing Instructions, coordination of the committees involved and staffing the Protest Committee. He contributes to race management and rules seminars. His learned approach to combatants in a filed protest involving the racing rules softens the antagonism between the people. He is recognized by US Sailing as a Regional Race Officer and a Judge. He has assisted other clubs in executing their events.

Cookie started her sailing career by enrolling in the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center sailing lessons. She learned well, as she was recruited by owners to crew for them in sail racing at the club. She recognized that the children of members were a great resource for crew and she became involved with the South Shore Yacht Club Junior Sailing program. She created the South Shore Yacht Club

Junior Sailing Foundation which raised funds to purchase equipment and boats to train youth. Certified Sailing Instructors heard of the program and were anxious to participate. Many of the Junior Sailing program graduates continue in the sport today. Cookie was elected to the Board of Directors of South Shore Yacht Club and became the first woman Commodore, a recognition well deserved. Cookie also found the time to join the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center, becoming a member of the Board of Directors and President of same. She has served Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation as Youth Council Chair and Board Secretary.

Both John and Cookie have been recipients of the Al and Erv Nickel award presented by South Shore Yacht Club for volunteerism and service to the club.

Cookie and John organized and directed the 2013 National US Sailing Disabled Sailing Championships in Milwaukee Bay, Lake Michigan, the first time held anywhere but the east and west coasts. Their efforts brought recognition, honor and distinction to Lake Michigan and its racing fleets. This event also highlighted the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center’s efforts to serve as a bridge for new sailors to join Milwaukee Bay racing and to acquaint Milwaukee’s disabled and other U.S. underserved populations with the beauty and enjoyment of Lake Michigan. It is believed that the skills of this husband and wife team were recognized in part by US Sailing, as the Annual Meeting of US Sailing was held in Milwaukee in 2014.

John makes sure the South Shore Yacht Club computer systems stay on track and he has overseen over 20 years of race management of the Queen’s Cup, the oldest offshore sail race on Lake Michigan sponsored by South Shore Yacht Club.

Together John and Cookie have promoted and managed the Kaszube Cup, an annual regatta for Junior sailors in the Midwest. Typically, over 100 Juniors participate.

John was Principal Race Officer for the Catalina 30 National Championship on August 13-14, 2016. His commitment to the championship’s success kept him from gathering with his family to visit his father on August 14 at a Hospice in Chicago, Illinois. He was able to visit on Monday, August 15th and his father passed on the 16th.   Few have ever been so dedicated to commitment.

The sport of sailing and sail racing has benefitted for so many years from this magnificent couple. It is a considerable honor for Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation to induct Helen “Cookie” Mueller and John Archibald into the Lake Michigan Sailing Hall Of Fame.

Milwaukee Community Sailing Center
August 27, 2016

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